Type .<audio_name> to play the desired sound. Ex.: .hello
Type !mb list or click here to see all available sounds.


Command Description
!mb help Shows this message
!mb list Shows all available sounds
!mb stop Stops the current audio
!mb stay Prevents the bot from leaving the channel
!mb leave Leaves the current voice channel
!mb ping Pong!
!mb about About me
!mb stats Statistics

Administrative commands

These commands require the Manage Server permission

Command Description
!mb clear < true | false > Delete audio commands automatically
!mb block add <audio> Blocks an audio
!mb block remove <audio> Unblocks an audio
!mb block list Lists all blocked audios

Options for audios commands

You can include additional options to the audios commands. For example: .hello -c General -v 50

Option Description
-c <channel> Specifies the voice channel
-v <volume> Volume from 0 to 100 (default: 30)

Custom audios

Get MemeBot Premium and add your own audios to your server, also help maintaining the bot :)
Learn more.