How it works

MemeBot Premium allows members of a server to add and use custom audios within it.

To enable the function, only one member of the server needs to be a Premium subscriber. All other members will be able to use the custom audios, however the Manage Server permission is required to add and remove them.
To add an audio, attach a file in MP3 format with the command !mb premium upload. The command to play the audio will be "." (dot) + the name of the file without ".mp3". So, for example, the command for audio.mp3 would be .audio.

How to subscribe

MemeBot Premium is available through donations on Patreon.
Check out the subscription plans available below:

Plan Description Price
Premium 10 10 custom audios for the server of your choice. $2.00 / month
Premium 25 25 custom audios for the server of your choice. $5.00 / month


Before signing up, you must read and agree to the Terms of Use.
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All MemeBot Premium commands starts with !mb premium:

Command Description
!mb premium upload Adds an audio. MP3 format. Min: 1,5 seconds. Max: 500KB.
!mb premium remove <name> Removes an audio.
!mb premium list Lists server's custom audios.
!mb premium info Shows subscription plan details.
!mb premium help Shows these commands.


A more detailed tutorial will be available soon.
For now, here are some tips for exporting the audios.

  • To edit and export the audios, we recommend the free software Audacity.
  • Add a short silence interval before and after the audio. The minimum duration should be 1.5 seconds.
  • Increase the audio volume close to the maximum, within the limits (without "bursting").
  • The file should be exported in mp3 format.
  • Choose a bitrate lower than usual. That's because the default value of Discord's voice channels is 64 kbps and the maximum is 96 kbps. So there is no benefit in going beyond that.
  • The file name will be the command to play the audio on the bot. The dot is the bot prefix, do not add it to the file name.